Pokemon: Now You See It! Kalos Edition

What do you see? It depends where you put your thumb as you flick through the pages of this cool flip book. (Almost like magic!) Flick from the top: see their cuddly first forms. Flick from the middle: see their first evolved stage. Flick from the bottom: gasp at their powerful Mega-Evolved forms! See cute robin Fletchling transform into fiery Talonflame. Marvel as itty-bitty Buneary becomes a mighty kickboxing force! As for Carvanha, he’s not exactly cute to begin with. But you do NOT want to get too close to his deadly Mega Sharpedo…

  • Eye-boggling flip book with three different ways to flick it
  • See your favourite Kalos critters evolve before your eyes
  • Fact-packed profiles for each Pokemon at each stage
  • An interactive way to see Pokemon Evolution in action

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