Posh Pup and Other Puppy Stories

Meet the gorgeous dogs of the King Street Kennels. Pedigree or mutt, big or small, the Parker kids love them all! Neil, Emily and Sarah Parker don’t just have one dog, or two dogs. They’re lucky enough to have loads of dogs. Their parents run the busy King Street Kennels, which means it’s always time for walkies! In this special Puppy Patrol collection, three adorable pups are stealing the show. There’s a terrier who loves the spotlight, a Labrador who has not one but two families, and a Dalmation pup who needs some help in training class…

  • A bumper three-in-one from the Puppy Patrol series
  • Jenny Dale is the author of Puppy Tales and Kitten Tales
  • Heartwarming classic series loved for over twenty years
  • Perfect for confident readers who enjoy Puppy Place

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