With all the delicious pups in the world, which is the perfect one for you? And how should you care for your new friend? Find out in this cuddly guide! It’s the essential book for new, existing or would-be puppy owners, full of tips on choosing and looking after puppies of many breeds and temperaments. Quizzes, puzzles and hints show you how to make the most of living and playing with your fluffy friend, while you can also jot in your own stories, cook up some puppylicious treats, and play doggy games with your pup. And with a poster, stickers and a gorgeous puppy charm bracelet, you’ll find plenty more in here to make you woof!

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  • loved it

    this book is for dog lovers and it is amazing

    28 May 2014

  • loved it

    i want it

    22 June 2011

  • loved it


    9 June 2011

  • i love it i saw my friend have this book and it was fun but she is keeping the book and i wish for it so bad

    25 March 2011

  • this is amazing and i am dying to have this it’s cute and i am collecting stickers right now ooh and look at the cute little charm

    6 March 2011

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