Radio Boy #1: Radio Boy

Who said pirate radio? Errr – Spike is more like garden shed radio. Big mouth. Big dreams. Big superstar…? Motormouth Spike is awkward, funny, cheeky and LOUD. He always has something to say. So when he’s sacked from hospital radio (probably a world first for a presenter), he starts broadcasting in secret from a makeshift studio in his shed. With his best buddies disguising his voice and a cool alias, ‘Radio Boy’, he’s soon pulling in listeners. Thing is, nobody knows that it’s him! And when Spike goes too far believing his own hype, and mocks the school headmaster on air, a hunt is launched for this secret star…

  • Written by breakfast radio star Christian O’Connell
  • A hilarious, perfectly pitched tale of life on air
  • Full of witty real-life insights into the radio world
  • Christian is a top presenter and stand-up comedian

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