Rainbow Magic Mixed Pack x 10

Ten best-loved favourites from the blockbusting Rainbow Magic series. Magic just got even more magical! From Tyra the dress designer to Lulu the brave lifeguard, this bumper pack has a fairy for pretty much any occasion. But will Alexa be able to save a fashion show before Jack Frost’s goblins ruin it? How will Martha the Doctor Fairy help her patients when her magical watch is stolen? And can Rachel and Kirsty stop Frankie’s face-painting magic from going very wrong?

  • A big mixed pack from this best-loved series
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold
  • Simple tales with plenty of repeated words
  • Great way to motivate children to read more

This pack contains all four Helping Fairies books, plus three books each from the Fashion Fairies and Pop Star Fairies.

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