Scholastic Acorns: Moby Shinobi and Toby Too! Surf's Up

Moby and Toby are hitting the beach! Will Moby ace his surf skills in this funny rhyming reader? When the pair arrive at the seaside, Moby wants to try all sorts of beach activities. He tries to use his ninja skills to build a huge sandcastle, catch fish and save a leaking sailboat. But, as usual, all the things he tries go wrong! What if Moby isn’t right for the job? Luckily, with some help from Toby the dog, our ninja hero finds the perfect way to have fun…

  • A charming early reader with a theme of teamwork
  • The Acorns series is designed to help readers grow
  • High-energy rhyming text and bright colour artwork
  • Laugh out loud as Moby’s ninja antics cause chaos!

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