Scholastic Classics: Kidnapped

Totally classic! Treachery, courage and romance in the wild Scottish highlands. David Balfour is young, handsome and wealthy. But don’t get jealous just yet – his luck is about to run out. His wicked uncle wants to get his hand on young David’s fortune, and he doesn’t care what it takes. He’ll even kidnap him! That’s the start of this book, one of the best adventure stories ever written. But how will it end? Expect shipwrecks, betrayals and a heart-stopping chase across the rugged Scottish wilds…

  • The classic that set the standard for adventure fiction
  • Written by the best-loved author of Treasure Island
  • An exhilarating tale of friendship, honour and courage
  • The perfect book to challenge and thrill keen readers

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  • Robert Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson was the author of classic tales of adventure including Treasure Island.

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