Sink or Swim: A Novel of World War II

One kid vs Hitler’s submarines: how will Colton survive this deadly ocean war? It’s a month since the bombing of Pearl Harbor brought the USA into World War Two. Colton’s big brother, Danny, is about to join the navy. But then his fishing boat is torpedoed in a shock strike from a Nazi U-boat. When more German U-boats start attacking off the American coast, Colton knowns there’s no time to lose. Hitler’s submarines have to be stopped. So he steals Danny’s naval papers, and sets off on his own mission: to survive boot camp, join the navy, and face the U-boats at war…

  • A storming all-action adventure from World War Two
  • Based on the true story of a young hero of the war
  • By the author of Juvie and the Ghosts of War books
  • An inspiring story of courage, grit and fighting for right

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