Super Awkward

Awkward is: having a mouth that won’t obey your brain. Having a dog that sniffs people’s groins. And calling your geography teacher Mum (twice). In fact, Bella Fisher’s life is all the awkward ‘have you evers’ you least want to fess up to, from being the class geek who flunks science to betraying your BFF. So it figures that when Bella meets Zac – the fittest boy in the world, no contest – she’s doing star jumps while dressed as a cereal box. EPIC FAIL. But hey: no pain, no gain. She’s just got to take Zac to the Prom. Will awkward Bella land her crush? No marks for style. Top marks for trying!

  • Fabulously fresh and funny take on modern teendom
  • Think Bridget Jones’s Diary for the Instagram generation
  • Beth Garrod has worked for MTV, the BBC and Disney
  • Perfect if you like Geek Girl or Louise Rennison’s books

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