The Enchanted Horse

It’s Christmas, but Irina’s family are too poor and busy to buy her anything she really wants. Then Irina sees the wooden horse in the junk shop window, and all she wants is to take it home with her. Irina is sad and lonely – and she knows that the little horse is lonely too. But what Irina doesn’t know is that this dusty wooden creature with a tattered mane is really an enchanted horse – one who will come to life and take her on a spellbinding magical journey!

Winner of the Smarties Prize in 1995.

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    I loved this book. I recommend it to any age. It is a tearful book and has loads of exciting cliffhangers! I give the Enchanted Horse a rate of 5/5. Everyone will love this book a lot. It is about a young girl called Irina who finds a lonely horse being crushed under lots of objects. She is despreate for it!........

    Name Of The Book: The Enchanted Horse

    Author: Magdalen Nabb

    17 September 2012

  • okay

    That looks like a boo, which is worth a read. I’ll rate it foe now 3 STARS?

    30 April 2011

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  • Awards

    Magdalen Nabb has twice won the Nestle Smarties Prize for Josie Smith and Eileen and The Enchanted Horse.

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