The Faraway Truth

Good man or monster? Zoe’s dad has been locked up all her life. He’s a mystery to her. Can she solve it? It’s Zoe’s twelfth birthday, and she’s just had a letter from a man she’s never met: her father. Marcus was sent to prison right before she was born. Zoe’s mom always said he was a liar, a monster. But in the letter, he sounds nice. So Zoe starts looking into the crime. But the deeper she digs, the more she doubts the conviction. Is her dad innocent? Or is he a frightening liar? The truth lies far away in the past, but Zoe is determined to find it…

  • A heartfelt, wise and captivating middle-grade mystery
  • The debut of fantastically talented author Janae Marks
  • A richly human story of racism, families and justice
  • Perfect for fans of Varian Johnson and Onjali Q. Rauf

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