The Forest of Ghosts and Bones


A dreamy fairy tale inspired by Hungarian myths. 

You are the girl who can walk in the rain,

and I am the boy who knows the way.

The dark forest. The haunted castle. The girl who walks through poisoned rain…

The Eve of Saints approaches, and the deadly rain which shrouds Castle Marcosza is straining at its boundaries.

When the rain takes Beata’s brother, she and her friend Benedek must make a perilous journey to learn the root of her secret.

Why she is the only person who can walk through the rain unharmed?

But soon Beata is caught up in a game of cat-and-mouse with the mysterious Liljana, a girl with her own hidden powers.

With magic outlawed in Marcosza, can the pair work together to harness their forbidden potential? Or will they be seduced by the power they wield?

  • A vividly evocative standalone fantasy by Lisa Lueddecke
  • Inspired by the Hungarian myths of the author’s childhood
  • For fans of Naomi Novik, Marcus Sedgwick and Laini Taylor
  • Lisa is the acclaimed author of A Shiver of Snow and Sky
  • Set in a thrillingly strange world with two fiery protagonists

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