The Lemonade War

As the final days of summer heat up, so does a sibling showdown over a high-stakes lemonade stand business! Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s great at talking with people, even grown-ups. His younger sister, Jessie, is maths-smart – but not especially good at understanding people. Feelings seem to be her weakest subject. So when their lemonade war begins, there really is no telling who will win! Or, even more important, if this epic fight will ever end… A funny and touching story of sibling rivalry and forgiveness, which cleverly blends maths puzzles and business tips into the exciting storyline.

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    Jacqueline Woodson

    Jacqueline Woodson is the award-winning American author of novels including Feathers and Hush.


    Jacqueline Woodson has won many accolades including several Newbery Medal Honor Books, and the ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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