The Lost and Found: Love from Lexie

First in Cathy’s dreamy new series, in a special exclusive paperback. Lexie’s mum has disappeared. Lexie feels totally lost. But is this a chance to truly find herself? Since Mum vanished, Lexie’s world hasn’t stopped spinning. It’s not just the utter weirdness of Mum being gone. It’s all the stuff that goes with it: a new foster family, a new home, a new school. Yet Lexie never gives up hope that Mum will come back. Every day, she writes her a letter about her new life. There’s plenty to tell – her misfit new mates, her adventures in music, a gorgeous blue-eyed boy. But will she ever get a reply…?

  • First in a gorgeous new series by Cathy Cassidy
  • Cathy is the author of The Chocolate Box Girls
  • Exclusive paperback for Scholastic customers only
  • A heartwarming story of hope and new beginnings

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