The Sin Eater's Daughter Trilogy

When Twylla touches people, she kills them. But if the Sleeping Prince wakes, all will die… Love potions, bitter poison, dark betrayals, broken kingdoms: this blockbusting YA trilogy is alchemy for your heart. Heard of King Midas? What he touched turned to gold. Twylla has a similar but yuckier problem. What she touches turns very dead. In a realm beset by treason, that’s an, erm, handy skill. No need for an executioner’s chopping block. But if you think Twylla is frightening, you’ve not yet met the Sleeping Prince. This evil tyrant is fine when he’s snoozing. But kingdoms tremble when he wakes up…

  • Rich and darkly addictive fantasy for fans of Throne of Glass
  • Internationally bestselling series with legions of adoring fans
  • The Sin Eater’s Daughter was nominated for the Carnegie Medal
  • “Luscious world-building and mythology” – School Library Journal
This pack contains mature content more suitable for older readers.

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