Thirty Days Has September: Cool Ways to Remember Stuff

Oopsie! Forgot your own name? Don’t panic. Wise up with fun memory tricks. Do you ever get confused or forget important things? Or struggle to recall your left and right? Maybe you have trouble spelling certain words. Not anymore. This smart book is packed with clever tricks to banish memory muddles. Rhymes, mental pictures and brain games will drag those reluctant facts from the back of your mind to the tip of your tongue. Impressing your friends and acing your schoolwork has never been such a doddle.

  • A treasure trove of memory-training tips and tricks
  • Fun methods using rhymes, patterns and visual images
  • Helps with maths, science, history, languages and more
  • The perfect companion for school learning and daily life

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Recent reviews

  • have not read this but this would be good for my mum

    29 September 2016

  • This had lots of clever tricks to help you remember stuff.

    8 March 2014

  • I got it for Christmas and found it very helpful

    5 March 2014

  • This would be really handy for my lil bro. He’s always forgetting things like that!

    27 October 2013

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