Utterly Gorgeous: Fashion

Want to look brilliant on a budget and make custom clothes that shout out your uniqueness? Try these creative ways to energize your wardrobe and give yourself a brand new look! Fill your closet with stacks of fabulously thrifty on-trend clothes and chic accessories, made out of budget basics or worn-out stuff you already own. Gorgeously simple projects show you how to create custom-printed t-shirts, glamorous gloves, a cute shrug and ruby glitter slippers. You can up-style old clothes with tie-dye and stencils, or create nifty accessories such as celebrity sunglasses and the ultimate designer handbags. With 30 wonderful ways to wave goodbye to dull, this is a must for girls with a passion for fashion!

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    really want this!!

    7 March 2013

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    This is good if you are interested in fashion design or just a bit creative. The projects aren’t that hard and the printed tshirt ideas are fab. You can create something new out of something you already own

    4 March 2013

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