Who Let the Gods Out? #2: Simply the Quest

Maybe you share a room with a pesky sibling. Elliot shares his house with crazy Greek gods! These bonkers immortals are a divine pain in the bottom. Their bickering shakes the whole house, and they hate being stuck in human bodies. Also on Elliot’s worry list: his mum is getting even sicker. He’s having a bad time at school. Plus, terrifying death-daemon Thanatos turns out to not be all that dead after all. The battle lines are being drawn: immortal gods vs immortal enemies. How will a mere mortal kid like Elliot survive, stuck in the middle of it all?

  • Second in a fast-paced new series about the Greek gods
  • Meet a British Percy Jackson in this witty adventure
  • Up-and-coming talent Maz Evans is getting great reviews
  • She is a creative writing teacher with a fresh new voice

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