Wizards of Waverly Place Pack

Prepare for magic, mayhem and all kinds of hilarious accidents when you pay a visit to the New York family where all the kids are wizards! The Russos look like an average family. Mom and Dad run a Manhattan deli. The kids – Alex, Justin and Max – are dealing with school, friends and first dates. But not everything is simple when all your brothers and sisters are wizards-in-training, learning to control their magical powers! Find out what happens when cheeky sis Alex misuses her magic to dodge her schoolwork, and when the siblings squabble over magic carpet flying lessons. Meanwhile, Justin’s love life gets an unwanted magical makeover! You’ll find enchanting chuckles on every page of these warm and witty wizarding tales – plus cool movie pics in every book!

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  • I personally found the tv series better.

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    Selena looks so good in all of the books

    1 June 2012

  • lovely my boyfrind says selena is sexy and i think max is so hot

    13 November 2011

  • It is harper tinkle

    2 May 2011

  • liked it

    Well I will realy love to read this sticker book or see what is in it.I am a realy big fan of your’s because you are a the best actor and your very very a good singer. I want to sing your song when wizard of waverly place comes on.Sorry I only know a tinny bit here it go’s.simples in me because evrything is not what it seame’s.My user name is kimberly6 I was dreaming of me and you Selena we was haveing so much fun a boy that is my freind said you are cute.

    27 February 2011

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