Zach King #1: My Magical Life

A dazzling graphic novel from a mega-talented YouTube star. Big laughs, zany action and real-life magic! Ever wish that you could do magic? So does eleven-year-old Zach King. For the rest of his family, it’s as natural as breathing. But poor Zach doesn’t seem to have any powers! So now he’s being sent to a regular middle school full of ordinary kids. Thing is, Zach’s about to discover there are some cool perks to being normal. Best friends, cute girls: he’s having a blast. Then some magic pops up out of nowhere! But will the school bully ruin Zach’s big chance?

  • A witty full-colour graphic novel by a YouTube star
  • A fun tale of friendship, school and making your mark
  • Zach’s weekly videos each get over 27 million views
  • His modern brand of magic is an inspiration for kids

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