David Semple

Books by David Semple

  • Armadillo on a Pillow

    Armadillo on a Pillow

  • Axolotl Finds a Bottle

    Axolotl Finds a Bottle

  • Bug in a Rug

    Bug in a Rug

  • Giraffe in the Bath

    Giraffe in the Bath

  • Hyena Ballerina

    Hyena Ballerina

  • Iguana's Bananas

    Iguana's Bananas

  • Kangaroo at the Zoo

    Kangaroo at the Zoo

  • Mole in a Hole

    Mole in a Hole

  • Poodle Draws Doodles

    Poodle Draws Doodles

  • Raccoon on the Moon

    Raccoon on the Moon

  • Seal at the Wheel

    Seal at the Wheel

  • Spider in a Glider

    Spider in a Glider

  • Unicorns in Uniforms

    Unicorns in Uniforms

  • Weasels with Measles

    Weasels with Measles