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Favourite book:
The Lemon Suitcase
Favourite author:
Um, for now.. even now, I love all the authors whose books I've read
Favourite hobby:
Let's make that 'hobbies'. Reading, writing, music, walking, drawing, mimicking the voices of cartoon characters, 'Facebooking', surfing the net, sleeping... Let's pause there
Favourite band or singer:
I had one before - Cece Winans!
Favourite animal:
I have no pets so I'm a little bit.. I don't know.. cold to animal stuff. I do love the Lion! King of the Jungle! Yeah. But when it comes to pets.. a dog maybe?
Favourite film:
I don't know.. there are lots - a myriad. But I thing Annie
Favourite TV show:
I don't have a favourite thing! I have lots! There's The Flash, Supergirl, Royal Pains, Chicago Fire, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. Yeah, I watch Barbie too
Current book:
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.. and I am catching fire! Woo-hoo!
Boy or girl: