All reviews for The Chocolate Box Girls: Fortune Cookie

  1. loved it

    I think this book is amazing, just like all the other chocolate box girls books. It has amazingly funny parts to it and I can’t stop laughing at the thought of when Jake, (the main character who is the half sibling of the other chocolate box girls) wanted to write ” always answer emails” in one of the fortune cookies Paddy was making. A hilarious book with a groundbreaking plot. I love how Jake loves his two younger sisters and shows affection. It is a very family- romantic book. It’s not just sad and romantic, Cathy Cassidy, one of my favourite authors, added lots of funny bits to make the reader laugh out loud (or at least in your head but for a while) and a sort of scary plot so that the mum worries. There is a groundbreaking part where his mother tells him about the affair she had with Jakes dad (also the chocolate box girl’s dad) and tells him the whole truth. I love the bit where Jake asks the girls to call their dad. They call him and then show Jake to him. I’m not sure if I remember the exact reaction of their shared dad because I read the book a while ago, but their dad probably denied him as his son but then realized his mistake and really did know it was his son.

    1 April 2016