How to Avoid Certain Death

Pirates, bathtubs, silly capers! You might die of laughter, but you definitely won’t die of boredom! Charlie and Sarah live in the middle of nowhere, in a dull old house with their dull old grandparents. YAWN! But one fine day, adventure comes knocking. The oldies have been captured by the scariest pirate of all time! Being kidnapped by Vladimir Death Pirate is easily the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to them. Now it’s up to Charlie and Sarah to launch an urgent rescue mission. It involves going to sea in a bathtub, facing hungry zombie bunnies and visiting a magical wish-granting island…

  • A rollicking pirate adventure full of twists and turns
  • Just right for fans of Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl
  • Tom Clempton wrote the popular Jack Samsonite books
  • He has also animated top films including Corpse Bride

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