Plague: Outbreak in London, 1665 - 1666

Forget zombie attacks: for real horror in the streets, go back to the time of the plague. The people of London are dropping like flies. Daniel is trapped in a house of death – locked into his home with his infected family, with a red cross daubed on his door. Can he escape before he gets sick too? And if he gets out, what will he find? There’s no one to turn to but cut-throat criminals and corrupt plague doctors. Death-carts roam the streets, collecting bodies. It’s like the scariest disaster movie you’ve ever seen. How will Daniel survive?

  • A thrilling plague adventure full of historical details
  • Written by bestselling children’s author Tony Bradman
  • Pulse-racing fiction that brings the past to startling life
  • Seriously exciting history that supports the curriculum

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    Tony Bradman

    Tony Bradman is extremely well known in the world of children’s books as both a writer and reviewer. He has had particular success with books for young readers, and his best known series to date, ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’, has been in print for over 10 years. ‘Magnificent Mummies’ and ‘Mummies in Memphis’ have both sold over 50,000 copies.

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