Don't Wake the Yeti!

Okay, so you’ve giggled at Claire Freedman’s rhymes about aliens in underpants. But how about something new – like a yeti in your bed? Don’t panic! Yetis are friendly, cuddly critters who make great buddies, even if they’re a little bit stinky. This book will show you how to feed your yeti (grab a napkin), and how to give him a bath. Tip: add ice! Plus: what should you do if you want to take your yeti to school? The perfect guide for any kid with a yeti in their home. Big giggles and big hugs with a VERY big friend!

  • By the bestselling author of Aliens Love Underpants
  • A heartwarming rhyme about a very unusual friendship
  • Glorious combination of suspense, giggles and cuddles
  • Witty yet gentle pictures perfectly capture the mood

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  • Photo of Claire Freedman

    Claire Freedman

    Claire Freedman is the author of the best-selling Aliens Love Underpants books.


    Claire Freedman and Ben Cort won the Richard & Judy prize for the best-selling Aliens Love Underpants in 2007.

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