Robyn Silver #2: The Darkest Dream

Robyn Silver is a pro at battling evil monsters. But how can she fight a bad dream come alive…? Life’s been super-busy for Robyn since she defeated evil vampire Pearl in The Midnight Chimes. She’s still the overlooked middle child in a big noisy family. But now she’s also a fully fledged Chime Child and trainee monster-hunter! So Robyn must leap into action when a new threat hits Grimdean: weird black beetles that mess with people’s dreams. Nightmares are bad enough when you wake up. But what if you don’t? What if your darkest dreams – full of claws, teeth and terror – turn real?

  • Action-packed and thrilling mid-level magical fantasy
  • Pacy, imaginative and full of seriously scary monsters
  • Brave, bold Robyn is a genuinely inspiring new heroine
  • Great for fans of Charlie Bone or the Hamish books

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  • Club price £6.45
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