The World of Norm #10: Includes Delivery

Is the pizza box half full or half empty? More chuckles with the prince of glum. Norm knows it’s going to be one of those days when he loses his house. You know. One of those days when he has a crisis, and you laugh till tears run down your leg. Even when Norm finally locates his front door, things don’t get much better. (For him, that is. For you, the laughs go on and on.) Why are his cringey parents salsa-dancing with Norm’s best friend? What the heck’s got into Mikey? Is he hoping to audition for Strictly Come Dancing? Or does he (aarrgh) fancy Norm’s mum…?

  • By Time Out award-winning comedian Jonathan Meres
  • Harry Hill describes this series as “hilarious stuff”
  • Over 150,000 World of Norm books sold to date
  • Ideal for fans of Big Nate or the Wimpy Kid

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  • Photo of Jonathan Meres

    Jonathan Meres

    Jonathan Meres has worked as an ice-cream van driver and a stand-up comedian but now he’s the bestselling author of The World of Norm books!


    Winner of the 2012 Scottish Children’s Book Award (younger readers) for World of Norm: May Contain Nuts.

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