The World of Norm #11: May Be Recycled

Uh-oh: Norm is feeling rubbish! Is it wrong to laugh? (Too bad if it is. We can’t help it.) Why does your favourite grumpy hero look so glum? And why is he carrying a sack of trash? Well – he’s had a totally rubbish day! It all started so well: home alone with the fridge to himself. So where did things go so terribly wrong? Where should we start…? Snails on the rampage. Having to hang his mum’s pants out to dry. The dreaded perfect cousins paying a visit. Being forced to go vegetarian. Can anything else go wrong for poor old Norm today? We reckon so. But what? Read this book to find out!

  • By Time Out award-winning comedian Jonathan Meres
  • Harry Hill describes this series as “hilarious stuff”
  • Over 150,000 World of Norm books sold to date
  • Great if you like Big Nate or the Wimpy Kid

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  • Photo of Jonathan Meres

    Jonathan Meres

    Jonathan Meres has worked as an ice-cream van driver and a stand-up comedian but now he’s the bestselling author of The World of Norm books!


    Winner of the 2012 Scottish Children’s Book Award (younger readers) for World of Norm: May Contain Nuts.

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