Descendants #2: Return to the Isle of the Lost

There’s no place like home. Even when home is the infamous Isle of the Lost. Fair enough: Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay haven’t exactly turned their villainous noses up at the comforts of Auradon. Meeting princes and starring on the Tourney team wasn’t such a total drag, after all. But when they’re called back to the Isle, these semi-reformed kids can’t help feeling comfy in their old hood – and their bad old ways. Uh-oh! Will solving a dark mystery at the Isle’s heart (and saving the kingdom) remind them that it’s good to be good after all?

  • The second fabulous novel about the Descendants kids
  • Thrilling, funny and slightly twisted fairytale adventure
  • Written by bestselling fantasy author Melissa de la Cruz
  • Read it ahead of the new Descendants film in 2017

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