Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #11: Sea Monster Surprise

The cavemice love to rock out in lovely snug caves. This means sea monsters are not usually much of a problem for them. (Although bats and spiders might be.) So how do those landlubber cavemice end up tangling with ocean monsters in this funny story? Well, it’s all to do with Bart Barnacle, that swashbuckling prehistoric pirate. He’s calling time on his visit to the cavemice, and heading home to his pirate island. But the Stiltonoots can’t let him make such a long, risky journey alone. All aboard for a crazy voyage into megalithic danger! There will be hungry sea monsters, and loud squeaks of fear, and (of course) some rather stinky cheese…

  • A funny prehistoric adventure from this favourite series
  • Action, giggles, mysteries and fantastic colour artwork
  • Fun text design with highlighted words to boost vocabulary
  • Bestselling series which quickly builds reading confidence

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