All reviews for Dork Diaries: Frenemies Forever

  1. loved it

    I have the whole dork diaries book Series and I love the books .And I can’t believe Tiffany turned on Nikki just because she said maybe don’t text in crowded hallways!

    30 April 2020

  2. loved it

    I never read it but I got excited to read it when I read the first two pages.Eeeeeeek!

    29 September 2017

  3. loved it

    This book is such a good book I would recommend this book for 9+ and has a different twist to the rest

    16 August 2017

  4. loved it

    OMG…......... This book is amazing!!! I can’t believe that Nikki and Mackenzie are friends. They both join forces to overcome mean and Queen Bee Tiffany.

    17 May 2017

  5. loved it

    I want this book so badly!!!!!!!!

    23 April 2017

  6. loved it

    i really liked this book because it was very interesting because at the end and the start there was a really big twist and the twist was… i will not tell you otherwise i will spoil it.

    12 April 2017

  7. loved it

    Fantabulous!! Love this book!! Especially for dork diaries fans..But anyone can read it too!! You’ll love it…I have tis book

    25 February 2017