Trouble in New York

Better than a night at the movies! Villains, crimes and double-crosses. If you were lucky enough to read The Secret of the Night Train, you’ll know that Sylvia Bishop tells a storming mystery yarn. And now she’s written a twisty crime story set in the bustling metropolis of 1960s New York. Jamie Creeden dreams of being a reporter. So when he’s offered a tour of the famous YORKER newspaper, he can’t believe his luck. But then a phone call draws him into the mystery of a missing actress. Suddenly Jamie is plunged into a world of ruthless villains, shadowy crimes and puzzling clues. What’s going on? Is he in danger? He still dreams of front-page news – but at what cost?

  • A captivating crime story full of danger and glamour
  • Middle-grade mystery fiction with an instant classic feel
  • Thrillingly atmospheric setting in the 1960s Big Apple
  • Sylvia Bishop is one of today’s hottest young writers
  • She won huge acclaim for The Secret of the Night Train
  • She also wrote Erica’s Elephant and The Bookshop Girl

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