The 91-Storey Treehouse

A human pinball game. An enormous whirlpool. Seriously: whatever next? The genius brains of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton have thought of a few more levels for the planet’s craziest treehouse. We’re talking the world’s most powerful whirlpool, a mashed-potato-and-gravy train and a giant spider web to hang out in. (Along with a giant spider. Eeek!) You can try your luck on the spin-and-win prize wheel, or have your fortune told by Madam Know-It-All. She’s predicting massive laughs – and we reckon she’s totally right!

  • Laugh-out-loud comedy told in text and wacky cartoons
  • Bestselling hi-jinks for fans of Mr Gum and Roald Dahl
  • Full of imagination, humour and topsy-turvy surprises
  • This series won the ABIA Book of the Year Award 2015

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