Magnus Chase: Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

LOST! A divine hammer that could destroy all the worlds. If found, contact Magnus Chase. As quick as you can, please… What’s the deal with Thor and lost property? He’s always losing his hammer, and it’s kind of disturbing. I mean, we’re talking about a divine weapon that happens to be the mightiest force in all the Nine Worlds. But this time (uh-oh) the hammer isn’t just lost. It’s fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase can’t get it back, the mortal worlds will be defenceless. Ragnarok will begin – starting with an onslaught of giants. The Nine Worlds will burn, and lots of other very bad things will happen. Is there a way out? Fingers crossed…

  • A thrilling new series by myth master Rick Riordan
  • Norse mythology retold in a snappy modern voice
  • Rick’s books include the huge Percy Jackson series
  • He also wrote the bestselling Kane Chronicles books

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  • Photo of Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan is blockbuster author of the best-selling Percy Jackson books, The Kane Chronicles and the Magnus Chase series.


    Rick won the Askews and Red House Children’s Book Awards for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in 2006, and was named the US Children’s Choice Author of the Year in 2011.

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