Voices #1: Now or Never - A Dunkirk Story

Would you risk your life for a country that didn’t accept you? It’s World War Two. Private Fazal Khan has come all the way from India to fight for the British forces. He’s made a new life with Company 32 on the battlefields of Europe, looking out for his comrades (and some animals) during one of history’s darkest times. But as the squad trek to the beaches of Dunkirk on a historic rescue mission, Fazal must deal with more than their mission’s deadly dangers. One of the troop has betrayed him – someone who doesn’t like Indian soldiers. And when the captain defends the wrongdoer, Fazal starts to wonder why he’s there at all…

  • A wartime tale of courage and betrayal by Bali Rai
  • Bali’s many bestselling books include Rani and Sukh
  • Follows a young Muslim soldier at the Dunkirk evacuation
  • Part of a new series celebrating unsung voices of our past

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  • Photo of Bali Rai

    Bali Rai

    Bali Rai has written over forty young adult, teen and children’s books, and won multiple awards. His culturally diverse writing often pushes boundaries and tackles a variety of issues. Extremely popular in schools across the world, he is passionate about the promotion of literacy and reading for pleasure.


    Winner of the Angus Children’s Book Prize and North Lanarkshire Catalyst Award for Un-arranged Marriage.

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