Rainbow Magic Funfair Fairies: Paloma the Dodgems Fairy

What’s the point of having magical powers if you never have any fun? The Funfair Fairies are all about having the best time ever. Bump! Giggle! Vroom! Giggle! As far as Paloma’s concerned, the best bit of all is a ride on the dodgems. But when Jack Frost steals Paloma’s magical items, the ride soon becomes way too bumpy for comfort. Ouch! Can Paloma dodge disaster and get her magic back, with a bit of help from Kirsty and Rachel?

  • New from this worldwide bestselling series
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold
  • Simple fiction with plenty of repeated words
  • Great way to motivate children to read more

Recent reviews

  • I love the book because it has a huge amount of imagination and I look forward to more rainbow magic books.

    30 April 2020

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