The Lorax

Classic Dr Seuss: nonsense verse with an oh-so-serious message. The forest is in danger. Can the Lorax save it? When the greedy Once-ler spies the beautiful Truffula Trees, he quickly grabs his axe. Chop! Chop! Soon a woodland paradise is being turned into fine wool to knit this ruthless merchant’s gloves and socks. Then up pops the Lorax. He speaks for the trees. He won’t see the forest brought to its knees. But as the Truffula trees are destroyed and all the animals are forced to flee, will the Once-ler listen to the Lorax’s words of wisdom?

  • A classic rhyme with an eco-friendly message
  • By the best-loved author of The Cat in the Hat
  • Witty yet haunting: a truly powerful first story
  • Told in nonsense verse ideal for reading aloud

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  • Dr Seuss

    Dr Seuss is the author of much-loved classics like The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


    Dr Seuss won many awards for his writing and illustration, most notably a Pulitzer Prize for a Lifetime of Contribution to Children’s Literature.

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