Bodyguard #6: Fugitive

It’s all going wrong for Connor Reeves. He’s got a price on his head abroad, and now his neck’s on the line at Buddyguard too. A mission has ended in tragedy, and Connor is going home in disgrace. He’s not exactly looking forward to the debrief, where he’ll have to account for himself. Except – when he arrives, nobody’s there. The covert HQ has been attacked, and all his fellow recruits have been abducted. Who knows where they are now? Meanwhile, Connor’s been marked for death by Equilibrium, the secret crime squad that’s plagued his career as a bodyguard. When Connor is called away to Shanghai, he finds himself on the run from a hidden enemy in an alien country. He’s spent years protecting other people’s lives. But will he be able to save his own?

  • The explosive climax to the bestselling Bodyguard series
  • By the award-winning author of the Young Samurai books
  • Turbo-charged thrills for fans of CHERUB and Alex Rider
  • Chris Bradford is a qualified bodyguard and martial artist

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  • Photo of Chris Bradford

    Chris Bradford

    Chris Bradford is the author of the action-adventure martial arts Young Samurai series.


    The Young Samurai series has won the Sasakawa award, and the 2011 North Ireland Book Award for Ring of Earth.

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