Henry VIII: Heads Will Roll

Everyone’s heard of Henry VIII. He’s the one who married six unlucky ladies, accused his wife of witchcraft, killed his closest friends on the chopping block, and bricked up his bedroom door in fear for his life. But did you know that he was once a handsome sportsman and poet, renowned for his courtesy and learning? What on earth happened? Well – read this to find out!

  • A humorous biography in a Horrible Histories style
  • Packed with funny facts, quizzes, jokes and cartoons
  • The fascinating inside story on a key historical figure
  • Hugely engaging reading that supports the curriculum

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  • Alan MacDonald

    Alan MacDonald lives in Nottingham. He writes both non-fiction and fiction as well as writing for radio and TV. He has a particularly good track record for writing page-turning and accessible historical books.


    Alan MacDonald won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for The Great Brain Robbery in 2004.

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