The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Freddie Yates likes facts. Just not the one staring him in the face: that his secret plan is not, in fact, secret. Because Freddie’s journey wasn’t meant to involve the onion-eating competition, or the loo-exploding pear and potato turnovers. And Freddie definitely never meant to end up on TV in a supergirl costume. But the thing about journeys is, they never take you where you think they will. So the question is: where will Freddie’s craziest ever summer take him?

  • The amazing story of three boys and a few miracles
  • Heartwarming fun for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Mixes belly-laughs with several touching life lessons
  • The perfect summer read for kids who love adventures

“A big-hearted comic journey about friendship, family, and a miraculously well-timed seagull.” David Solomons

“One of the funniest books you’ll read this year, with bundles of heart to boot.” The Bookseller

“This sleuthing-trip-cum-crime-solving spree has all the fizz of Jeremy Strong.” The Observer


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