All reviews for Rainbow Magic Weather Fairies #8: Crystal the Snow Fairy

  1. loved it

    I like crystal she is very pretty.

    3 June 2010

  2. i chose this book cos i like snow cos i cant get to school and here is some of the story. “Isn;t it a lovely day, mum?” Kirsty Tate said happily, as she gazed out of the car window at the blue sky and sunshine. “Do you think it will stay like this all through the summer holidays?” Mrs Tate laughed.”Well, lets hope so,” she said. “Remember what the weather was like on Rainspell island.

    9 April 2010

  3. loved it

    i really enjoyed reading it

    13 January 2009

  4. liked it

    This is the first book in the exciting weather fairies series. Kirsty’s dad finds a weather vane rooster and that rooster turns out to be a magical one. Rachel comes to stay with Kirsty and they even meet Crystal the snow fairy, but will the goblins be harder to defeat when their taller?!?! Read and find out!

    19 October 2008

  5. loved it


    21 September 2008

  6. not for me

    i thought it was ok

    30 June 2008

  7. loved it

    This book was really really good I LOVED IT

    12 June 2008