All reviews for Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

  1. loved it

    My favourite book ever!!!

    20 March 2010

  2. loved it

    i liked the bit where alexa (allie) was sailing across the sea to find kitty

    31 January 2010

  3. loved it

    This story is about a boy in the avacuation to America losing his sister who gave him a key? He first is sent to a bootcamp farm then runs away making a new best friend only to be captured by Indians and brought to a strange lady thatlooks after sick animals.

    31 August 2009

  4. loved it

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! 2 of my friends had allready read some of this and said it was rubbish but i still read it regardless and i luved it!!!! It just came out to me i was there i was one of the children being kept i felt i was there and running away with arthur . i felt really sad in some parts of this book because it was sad and i felt really happy in some of it . if anyone is reading this and havent read alone on a wide wide sea i wont tell you what happenes at the end but it is amazingly fantastic i would defenately reccomend it to anyone and everyone ! I would also give this book a 10/10

    13 August 2009

  5. I havn’t read the book yet but I know that ALONE ON A WIDE WIDE SEA is very, very sad.

    29 March 2009

  6. I want to read this as it looks great the same as all the other michael Morpurgo book

    25 September 2008

  7. loved it

    Alone on a wide wide sea is a book about a boy who is shipped to australia to work there. he meets another boy who helps and treats him like his own brother. the place where they work is dreadful and eventually they run away. they meet a woman who looks after them and cares for but she dies so does arthurs friend. it is a very sad story but shows young children how life was and how lucky they are.

    21 March 2008

  8. loved it

    The best book by Morpurgo.But really,really sad.

    19 March 2008

  9. loved it

    This book is amazing! I hadn’t read anything by Michael Morpurgo except in school so I didn’t really like him (shocking I know!). That is until I read this and I absolutely loved it! It is written so clearly it’s like you’re there with Arthur (the main character), experiencing everything he is! And finally without trying to spoil it I think the ending is lovely! =]

    7 March 2008

  10. loved it

    This is the story of Arthur Hobhouse who has been orphaned and sent to Australia. He only has vague memories of England and his sister Kitty. This is on my tear-jerker list so keep some tissues spare. This book is based on a true person and Michael Morpurgo has really captivated the feeling and emotion of this story and is very well-written.

    29 February 2008