3D Science Readers: Ocean Creatures Pack x 4

3D art was created for this dazzling ocean experience. Go swimming with the freakiest fish in the sea! All the fish, all the facts and all the thrills – in dramatic 3D colour scenes. It feels as if you’ve put on a scuba pack and plunged down to the sea floor. Don’t just dip your toe beneath the surface. Pluck up your nerve and dive deep. The planet’s fiercest, deadliest, creepiest and weirdest sea creatures can’t wait to meet you. (You look pretty strange to them, too.)

  • A 3D journey into the weird world of ocean creatures
  • All the weirdest, deadliest and most bizarre sea life
  • Each book has dazzling photo scenes and 3D glasses
  • Bursting with facts and stats about each creature

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