All reviews for Captain Underpants: The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

  1. i love deputy doo-doo.

    21 November 2020

  2. liked it

    I would say for ages seven to twelve

    14 July 2016

  3. Awesome book!I like it!(It’s so funny!!!!)

    11 September 2014

  4. loved it

    Very funny and creative. Lots of Flip – O – Ramas to go around. I would reccomend ages 7-13.

    3 June 2014

  5. loved it

    Another fab story by George Beard, Harold Hutchins and the fabulous Dav Pilkey. This book is about a newborn baby super-hero named Super diaper baby but the real name of this baby is Billy Hoskins. Find out more in this amazing book!!!

    8 November 2013

  6. very funny love this book

    5 April 2013

  7. loved it

    Super Diaper Baby is a baby who gets zapped when he was just born. He then grows up into a superhero! I would recommend this book to children aged 7-11

    6 March 2013

  8. sooooo funny

    7 March 2012

  9. Didn’t really like this book to be honest it deftly would only be 2 stars.

    6 March 2012