All reviews for Captain Underpants Bumper Pack

  1. okay

    Well these bookn i have read them alll after the 1st couple i thought they got a bit samey but the sictures were funny and very imaginative writting i enjoyed most of them but the last 2 were a bit of a drag

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    4 March 2010

  2. loved it

    Two mishives children called George and Harold….. and there comics!First dog man..Second timmy the talking toilet and the amazing cow lady!!there best superhero was the amazing captin underpants!!!!

    great book!!

    BIG E!!


    27 June 2008

  3. okay

    Its sooooo funny!!! I recomend this book if you like a good laugh, it left me laughing out loud!!

    26 June 2008

  4. liked it

    It Was Very Funny!

    By Molly Rudge

    20 June 2008

  5. loved it

    This book was action packed and I really enjoyed it!

    5 June 2008