Horrible Science Classic Pack x 23

Science that makes you want to learn! Science with the squishy bits left in! We all know how boring science books can be – but why put up with boring science when you can have Horrible Science? Peer inside your bloody body! Cook up a chemical chaos! Hunt for ugly bugs! Taste the world’s most potent poisons! These books are stuffed with yucky facts to disgust and amaze you. And now, at a microscopic price, we bring you THE ENTIRE SICKENING SERIES. So go on! Grab the whole horrible lot!

  • Science made funny, gross and brilliantly freaky
  • Over 4 million Horrible Science books sold in the UK
  • Jokes, cartoons, quizzes and incredibly weird facts

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  • Absolutely amazing. If a series were to go viral, it would deserve to be this one. And I would love to have 23 books! It would turn you into a science whiz! If you love horrible science write it in your review!

    14 July 2016

  • loved it

    I like the Dreadful Sounds book because in Science at school I am learning about sound and it gives me a load of information about sound. I think this would probably be one of the top 5 favourite books I have read at the most of it. I do think I would rate this a five. I think Horrible Science is a good collection.

    1 February 2015

  • Make science so much more interesting. I’d rate them 5/5

    9 March 2014

  • These books are fun to read but also teach you a lot of interesting information. Also really humorous.

    8 March 2014

  • This series can’t be stopped. You cant stop laughing, it’s the best fact novel ever!

    8 March 2014

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  • Photo of Nick Arnold

    Nick Arnold

    Nick Arnold has been writing for Scholastic for ten years, clocking up over 20 titles in the HORRIBLE SCIENCE series. Nick lives in Devon.


    Nick Arnold has won three Aventis Science Prizes for the Horrible Science series, for Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Ugly Bugs and Really Rotten Experiments, and won the 2013 Best Book with Facts at the Blue Peter Book Awards.

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