All reviews for Diary of a Wimpy Kid #3: The Last Straw

  1. loved it

    I love this book, you should totally lol because I did. This book is awesome!!!! I recommend it to everyone. I would now like to read book 4 (dog days) because people say that is amazing to.

    20 August 2018

  2. loved it

    i found this book really funny and i loved it when Rodrick locked him out hahahahaha!!!

    31 March 2018

  3. loved it

    I would love to read this book cause it sounds really funny and cause I like books with pictures

    13 December 2017

  4. loved it

    I would really like to read this book. It sounds great. Although I have read Diary of a wimpy kid the first book.

    24 June 2017

  5. This book is the best AWESOME!!! It is also very entertaining you’ve got to read this book

    11 August 2016

  6. loved it

    Awesome!!!!!!! U must read this book… U’ll 💘 this diary book very much.😘

    26 August 2015

  7. loved it

    i have already read this book it is really funny in the beginning

    16 August 2015

  8. loved it

    This was hailrious

    22 May 2015

  9. loved it

    I love this book ‘cause Jeff Kinney is a really is a good Author and its like a comic strip plus its very creative ; -D

    9 April 2015

  10. loved it

    this book is really funny

    8 January 2015