All reviews for Dork Diaries: Party Time

  1. loved it

    I loved this book she has got such nice friends like Chloe and Zoey I like this book LOL!!!

    21 December 2015

  2. i love this book especially when she finds out she has to be at three places at once. the rat costume looked hilarious on Nikki. and when Mackenzie reached in under the door of the cubicle and grabbed the bag the cheek of her.

    13 May 2015

  3. liked it

    This book was great I loved it! Another great dork diaries book

    25 November 2014

  4. loved it

    I LOVED THIS BOOK! When Brandon asked Nikki to the dance was so romantic.

    13 May 2014

  5. This is about nikki going to the Halloween party and meeting her crush Brandon.

    3 March 2014

  6. loved it

    This book is about a quirky girl who has a-not-so-fabulous life. Nikki Maxwell couldn’t have been so Westchester Country Day middle school or so she thinks. In this Dork Diaries book Nikki plans a party, gets revenge on the monster gorilla rattlesnake in pink lip gloss in leather boots(Ultimate mean girl Mackenzie), busts some moves at a Halloween party along with organising it and goes to two parties at once. Did she manage it? Read the book to find out!

    3 January 2014

  7. loved it

    I want to read it I love dork diaries books because they just, well, soo awesome!

    6 November 2013

  8. loved it

    i loved this book because, it is so funny and in some ways to me personally, its quite relatable!

    14 October 2013

  9. liked it

    I loved it

    12 September 2013

  10. loved it

    I… LOVED IT! Hilarious and so much fun! :)

    27 August 2013