All reviews for The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future

  1. loved it

    Two cavemen, Ook and Gluk, manage to get themselves transported to the future where they learn the art of kung fu! I would recommend this book to 6-11 year olds

    6 March 2013

  2. loved it

    This was is a great book and i am advising you to get the book because it is so good (but it is all in comic fasion) So this book is good if you like captain underpants and you like comics this book is for you.!!!

    Well i hope you get this book and enjoy it because i did !!!


    19 July 2011

  3. loved it

    it was the best book i have ever read i espicaly loved cevemen language

    6 June 2011

  4. loved it

    i luved it lots

    17 November 2010

  5. loved it

    it is the best book in the hole wiade world!!!!

    25 October 2010

  6. loved it

    It was so funny i am so glad i read it

    9 October 2010

  7. okay

    it was ok

    9 October 2010

  8. loved it

    Not really a cartoon style book person so was sceptical as to whether I would like it. However it is fantastic and it made me laugh from the 1st page with funny little themes running through it and the children love the Flip-O-Rama pages. Check out page 37 and 39….genius

    9 September 2010